The Wing


An ethical jewelery hanging in a combination of oak and transparent acrylic. Comes in an elegant box.

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The Wing is the optimal storage of earrings in a discreet and simple way.
Absolutely no tools needed to Mount on a wall, a cupboard door, in a drawer. Or just right where you want your earrings to be.

Facts about The Wing :
* The Wing is produced in Denmark .
* The Wing weighs approx. 100 grams.
* The Wing holds 18 pairs of earrings – and other jewelry.
* Vilhelmine design – engraved in the right side of The Wing .
* The Wing width measures to 30 cm
* The Wing height measures to 6.3 cm.
* The Wing depth measures to 3 cm.

Benefits of The Wing :
* Space saving
* Clarity.
* Discreet.
* Easy to assemble ( without tools ) – on dry and clean surface.
* Excellent idea fo a gift.

The Wing
Elegant jewelry storage
The idea for The Wing came out of my frustration with my earrings floating in drawers, cupboards and chests.
I thought I needed a storage system, which has a subtle and stylish way to give me a good overview of my earrings.
At the same time I would like to have a system that came away from the horizontal surfaces, so it does not need to be removed for cleaning, making cleaning easier for me.
I made various prototypes and tested them for a long period of time. The final design became The Wing.
During the test, I found that The Wing also is good for storing other jewelry. Everything from necklaces to bracelets and watches.
The Wing is different from other jewelry suspension because it is very neutral and because it can be mounted on walls, inside of a door, drawers and the like.
The Wing can be set up directly on a wall if you would like to see your jewelry all the time and at the same time could quickly pick some out.
Or you can place The Wing on the inside of a cupboard door or on the side or bottom of a drawer. Then the jewelry tucked away, but still quick to find.
The Wing, which has room for up to 18 pairs of earrings or other jewelry, mounted without the use of tools, which of course is preferable for most people. Double-sided tape included in the delivery.
With The Wing provides Vilhelmine Design again a simple and minimalist design, which is an extension of the modern Danish design tradition.
The idea for the name of The Wing occurred because the shape is reminiscent of both a bird’s body with wings and aircraft wings . And while it is designed so simple and elegant that it seems to float in space.