The Beak

Unique peg, hook and hanging rail in one – in several colors

The wing ny

Elegant jewellery storage with multiple benefits in one – in three types of wood

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Vilhelmine Design

Warmly welcome to Vilhelmine

Vilhelmine’smission isto create and deliverDanishproduced, ethical, thoughtful, functional and qualitativedesign products.Productsthat make sense, livefor generations andthat helpsand joysusersevery day.

Vilhelmine’svision is to createclassicsandby the end of2016to havewon adesign awardand hereby public recognition ofonekind or another.

About Vilhelmine

Vilhelmine was founded as a sole proprietorship, by Bodil Vilhelmine Dybvad Pedersen in 2009.

At Vilhelmine contains exclusively Danish design filled with care, heart and soul! Ethical products in solid Danish quality with innovative functionality.

And at Vilhelmine there is a great focus on service and thoughtful quality and usability rather than quantity, buy and throw away.

Vilhelmine is responsible for everything from the idea, working with various suppliers, to the finished products and the contact with all dealers and private customers.

Vilhelmine has always been a company with a strong focus on quality and functionality. Here it is very important to create something that can help and please people – every day. Something that makes sence and makes life easier and more elegant.

Futhermore, it is very important for Vilhelmine that the products are produced and assembled in Denmark. It creates jobs in Denmark and is the most environmentally friendly.

Welcome to the World of Vilhelmine. Be inspired and find sustainable design products and solutions to some of your practical challenges.

If you have questions or comments to Vilhelmine generally or to any of the products, please call Vilhelmine on +45 22 53 09 65 or write an email to

You are always welcome.


Bodil Vilhelmine Dybvad Pedersen