– Design with forethought

The idea for the name of The Beak comes from the image of the grabbing action of a bird’s beak. Grabbing onto any number of things is exactly what The Beak is good at.

That is why I call The Beak a multi-function hanging device.

The Beak is not ‘just’ a peg or hook. The Beak can do things no ordinary peg or hook can. Hanging up your boots is just one example of this.

The Beak was created out of annoyance by the untidy mess on the floor caused by my boots. The old trick of stuffing them with paper was neither the best solution nor the prettiest sight. Every time the floor needed cleaning, I had to move all my boots! I just had to get those boots off the floor and then I came up with an initial idea for a design to solve the problem.

It struck me that that it couldn’t just be me that had the same problem every single day and so I decided to further develop the solution. An added bonus of hanging up your boots is that they keep their natural shape for a longer time through suspension.

During the product development of The Beak, I began to realise that it is only your own imagination which limits the possibilities and uses of The Beak. On the bar holding the clamp, there is space for three coat hangers with jackets or suits. At the same time, a jacket or a scarf can be securely held in place by The Beak itself. It was also very important to me that the end product was ethically-sound and extremely useful in all homes and rooms. Also in public spaces and on business premises.

The Beak is made in a combination of stainless steel and reinforced plastic. All parts, except the screws, are custom-made and produced in Denmark! The Beak comes in an attractive gift box.

The Beak is available in black, white and red. NOTE! You have the smart option of custom-designing your very own The Beak! Combine, for example, a white The Beak with either a black or red wall plate.

The Beak is patented and copyrighted.


If you have any questions about The Beak or other matters, you are most welcome to write to me at bodil@vilhelminedesign.dk or contact me by Phone 00 45 72 30 11 40


Best regards

Entrepreneur and designer of, among other things, The Beak

Bodil Vilhelmine Dybvad Pedersen