I am a regular customer at Vilhelmine Design.

Besides making good use of The Beak in several places in my own home, I also find The Beak a perfect and popular gift when visiting friends and family. Unlike flowers,The Beak does not wither!

The Beak has an elegant design and a great variety of uses. The Beak is both discreet and exclusive, while adding is a great design touch to the wall.

Charlotte Brendstrup
Pharmacy, Silkeborg



The Beak is one of the best inventions that I have seen.
It is beautiful, simple and incredibly functional. Just my style – Super Design!
We use The Beak in our two houses. In the kitchen, the bathroom and the laundry room.

I bought my first The Beak back in 2010 and I still give it my best recommendations.

Dorte Olsen





Since the very beginning of Vilhelmine Design, Designertorvet has been selling The Beak to our customers with great success.

First in black, then red, and now also in a white version. Working together with Vilhelmine Design has been a wholly positive experience where everything runs smoothly. The quality and packaging of the product has always been in perfect order.

The designer, Bodil Vilhelmine Dybvad Pedersen, is an inventor with a capital “I” – a bright, dynamic and contagiously enterprising person who does not stop at the first sign of success.
She carries on the development as if it were the most natural thing in the world, and is constantly looking for ways to open up new avenues of expansion.

The Beak has a broad customer segment, since the design is timelessly elegant with a wide variety of uses.

It is hard not to think about all the practical / aesthetic design possibilities both before – and after the invention The Beak!

Rikke Borup Hansen



Etwas umständlich ist die Montage des Hakens, wofür man doch ‘Extra’ Werkzeug braucht, aber ist der Haken mal montiert, ist er wirklich toll und gibt was her. Vor allem die mehrfache Funktionalität gefällt mir sehr gut. Eine tolle Idee, die nun unsere Garderobe ziert!

Die Bewertung bezieht sich auf die Variante “Vilhelmine Design – The Beak, rot

Hedi Roka c.


Endlich eine Aufhängung für meine langen Winterstiefel – genügend Abstand zum Regal – Stiefel hängen immer gerade und kippen nicht mehr um – einfach SUPER. Danke

Die Bewertung bezieht sich auf die Variante “Vilhelmine Design – The Beak, rot

Ursula G.